Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Letter #39 - FROHE OSTEREN!!!!!!!

What a week, what a week. Many miracles and lots of candy. I am trying to work on my intros, to make them more interesting or at least transition better into the week. Because I am just the creative type. But, we all can't find all the eggs.... :) Ha. My humor is off today too. On to this wonderful Easter week:

Oh what a day. As Distrikt Frau (the Distrikt Leader's companion), I have come to (well it's a work in progress) love splits. We had one today after Distrikt Meeting and I went with Elder Brown! He is from my MTC group, and we get a long really well. I was excited to be with him. We went to a lesson with Lilia, and it was AMAZING! We taught about the Plan of Salvation. A member, that taught with us, had a visual Plan that used The Simpsons on it. It was hilarious. It was so great. I asked her to be baptized when she finds out that it is true, and she was like: "Auf jeden fall. Bis stimmt!" Ha. Which means like, no doubt and of course. Ha. So, it was soooo cool. I was worried about the lesson, because it was a bad day for German. But, it went wonderfully. :) We were then going to go to basketball. But apparently, there was badminton instead. So, we talked to some Chinese people and had some good discussions. :)

Elder Brown and I were still together and met with the Dettmer Familie, to do some service. Ha. Elder Brown is a great guy. He is from Payson. He wrestles and was in the Air Force. So, suffice it to say, he is a solid guy. And I love him. :) At the Dettmers, we chopped SOO much wood with a tiny little hatchet and a rusty wood cutter. I felt like Paul Bunyan. I decided that I could never become a lumber jack because I had some sick bruises on my hands afterwards. :) We then had a barbecue with them. They invited non-member friends, and we got to just say who we were and what we were doing. Ah, IT WAS SO COOL. I love Brüder Dettmer. He is like six foot five and 300 pounds. But, he is a big teddy bear. Ha. It's great to get hugs from him. :) It was a great time. :)

AH, I LOVE THE POBANZ FAMILIE. They are the only American family in our ward. They are from Utah. They have lived in Germany for 12 years. The dad works at Puma. Being with them, I realized how much I missed Americans and their humor. Haha. It was a great time. We talked, had dinner, made Easter eggs, and shared the video "Because of Him." It was a great time. I just absolutely love this crazy familie. :) Sure I was a little trunky. But, I loved the hospitality that the family gave us, and how they are so willing to love us.

So today, is called Stille Freitag, and its where the church bells don't ring. It really is to just remember the Savior and what not. We were recommended to not go door-to-door or on the streets today. So, we went to Nürnberg and finished General Conference instead. It was a great time, and we received a lot of insight. Elder Givens then worked on his "mission history" which is funky, because he is almost done with his mission! But I am so grateful for him, and for the great example he is.

Haha. A FAIL of a day. We did weekly planning and then we were planning on handing out a little Easter treat to some of the members in the ward. But, we couldn't find molasses anywhere to make brown sugar, so we just used the brown sugar that they put in coffee and what not... Ha ya, fail. The cookies were just... well let's just say, we fed them to the ducks that are on our way to the church. Hopefully they are ok. :) But it's the thought that counts right??

One of the most interesting Easters I have ever had. It was such a hard day. We went to Church and it was a great time. But some things happened that drove the spirit away. It was just hard, when we were all trying to think of Christ and what not. We then met with the Websters. It was an ok lesson. I did not feel very confident at all, and felt bad afterwards. Satan was just really working on me, and doing a swell job of making me feel inadequate. Then, when we were walking home, there was some guys yelling from the balcony, and flipping us off. I was just... mad. I was just like, why do I have to feel this way? Its Easter! I am trying to think of Christ and just help people be happy. Why does this happen to me? Then a thought came into my head that I hadn't thought of before: "Because I suffered all these things too." I just started crying. I know that I can and will never compare my little mission to Christ's, what he had to do, and what he had to suffer. But, I felt the tiniest little part of what he had to go through. I could barely handle it. This made me appreciate the Savior even more. How much does he love us? Why did he go through all those things for us? Why was he resurrected? Because of Him, we will live again. We WILL be resurrected, and we will return to be with our ultimate loving Heavenly Father. I cannot explain or express my deepest love for Him. But as I serve and act as a representative of Him, I know how much joy and love He felt, for all of his Children. He loved us first, and that is why I love Him. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. And I know that He is risen. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Mayne

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! I hope all is well. Ah, you mean all so much to me. :) Love you all so much. :) Have a great week.

The Pobanzs

My friend that I made, Jim the squirrel.

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