Monday, April 28, 2014

Letter #40 - Die zeit vergeht im Fluge (the time flies by)...

WELL FOLKS we are at another week's end, and its just flying by. This week, I LOVED. I also learned a lot.  Let's start (for people who know German, that's pretty clever eh?) :)

Since it was basically Easter here and everything was closed, we had to move our p-day to Tuesday. So, that is what we did instead. So, we had Distrikt Meeting, and then we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader. Then game night! I was with Elder Cole for the day, and I love my ginger buddy. :)

So this was suppose to be a p-day, but it ended up being different. :) Ha. We met with Lilia, and we just LOVE her. We did set a baptismal date. But, then she said she wanted to know a little more before she commits, which is okay. She is so prepared, and we'll talk about her later. So after we met with her, Elder Givens and I went shopping. He needed some clothes for his upcoming semester at BYU. So basically, I was his personal stylist for the day. We found some good stuff. :)

Ah, what a jam packed day. It was appointment after appointment, which is one feeling I haven't had. But, I loved it. We went to the familie Detmers, and had a barbecue (again :)). They again had a couple friends come over, which was awesome. We then visited Brüder Auras in our ward. He is the oldest member of the ward. So, we call him Papa Auras. He is a great old man. It was great to hear his testimony of Christ. We then went to Institut and met Lilia. We had a great lesson about receiving revelation through the Buch Mormon. We stayed at the Zone Leader's apartment afterwards, because we were splitting the next day. I love Elder Ward and Allen. :) We had a great time. :)

I had a great time with my Aussie boi Elder Ward. We went to their District Meeting, and then went to his foot appointment. He has some NASTY ingrown toenails. Nasty I tell you. But luckily, they are healing up. We then went to do a street display in Fürth. It was so fun. Three hours. We handed out balloons, Book of Mormons, candy, pamphlets, salvation, you name it. It was a great time. We then splitted back, and Elder Givens and I were back together. :)

Met with Lilia AGAIN. It was great. We talked about the Law of Chastity, and how she couldn't live with her boyfriend anymore. It actually turned out a lot better then we thought. We were worried about it. We watched the talk that Elder Bednar gave about two years ago about it. It really was a powerful talk. She also told us about how she drank coffee at her work, and offered some to one of the members of our church. She said no. Lilia naturally asked why? She said it's because of the Word of Wisdom. And then our member said that she can drink it now. But if she wants to become a member, she is going to have to stop. So she looked at the drink, and threw it away! AH, SHE IS SO AWESOME! So, then we went to a birthday party for a member in our ward. It was a great old time. :)

We helped clean up the party mess at the church for service. So basically, the after party you could call it. Then, we went home to do weekly planning. But, then the Pobanz's called us, and invited us to come over and have a barbecue! It was a great time, and I love the Pobanz's. They really are a wonderful family. They are full of love. I am so glad that they are so nice to us. I especially love my homie Adam. He reminds me of myself, ironically. Ha. That was a great day, and nice to have some burgers. :)

Lilia came to church, and I didn't even notice at first. She looked exactly like a member when she was there. This woman is something fantastic. This day was rough for me though. I have been fighting a cold the entire week. This week was just BOOM, an atomic bomb landing. It was a great time at church, and then we met with the Molnar familie. We watched videos of all the boys on a fishing trip in Italy. :) It was great. :)

This week was a rough one. As for me personally, I just struggled, a little bit, on feeling good about myself, and having confidence. I just didn't really want anyone to help me the way they were helping me. But, then I did want help. Makes sense right? I decided to read in my journals about previous experiences, and I prayed.

I realized, when reviewing my past experiences, that I had totally disregarded them. Even though those experiences show that I can do it, I just was dwelling on the negative. I think that is why it's so important to REMEMBER. Remember who you are. Remember your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Remember the people that have told you how great you really are: family, parents, friends, etc. Remember that you have made it through these hard times before. You can do it again. Remember, that the Atonement is for EVERYONE. We can use that power to make us strong. This I know, and I give my promise. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Elder Adam Mayne

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