Monday, May 26, 2014

Letter #44 - The classic Missionary life: crazy, testifying, loving, no sleep, and a whole lot of AWESOME.

You know you've been working hard, when you feel like right as you fell asleep, someone played a joke on you, and the alarm clock goes off after two minutes. But, it's actually light outside and 6:30am. :) CRAZY week, and lemme sprech about it. :)

VOLLEYBALL-IN! Ha. Super fun time with the Zone playing volleyball. We have a sister in our Zone that played before her mission. So, she taught us all how it is done. :) We then stayed in N├╝rnberg, because we were sleeping over at the Zone leaders. I went on a split with my old trainer Elder Allen! We had a great time together, and some good dad son time. ;) We stopped by on a couple people, and found an awesome guy. :) We then, split again, kinda, and I was with Elder Brown and Elder Boam. We slept over at the Zone leaders, because we needed to wake up early in the morning to catch a train to the big city, Frankfurt!

Woke up at 5:30. Yippee ki yay! :) Ha. We had to catch a train at 7:30 to go to Frankfurt. We went to the Golden Trainer Meeting, for all the new goldens. President invited a certain amount of people, just to see how it is, and basically prepare us for the storm when it comes. :) I got to see all my homies from the MTC. I had a great time just being there and learning. Maybe I am a little scared to train someday, but it was a great time. I was outside all day. It was 800000 degrees. I was in a suit using German deodorant. It really doesn't work out great. :) After this meeting, we had to travel back. We took a bus. Ha. On a bus for 4 hours. But, it wasn't so bad. We had a great time chillin', and had a lot of snacks. We talked about what we learned. It was a great time. :) We got home at 9, and so we really couldn't go back to our areas. So, we slept over again at the Zone Leaders. The APs were there too. All of us, after jumping in bed, talked for quite a while. Love these fellas. :)

We finally tausched back, and hit the ground running. We had an appointment with our new investigator Stefie. She is awesome! Such a great appointment. We weren't sure exactly what to teach her. Rather than setting expectations, we tried to prepare the best we could. It went fantastic. One of the best lessons ever. But, the sad thing is, she is just getting started with school and testing. She doesn't really have any time to meet, because she also has to take care of her 2 year old girl. So, she wants to meet, but doesn't have a lot of time. So, we are just going to keep in contakt until August, when she has time. Ha. My heart was wrenching after this lesson, just because she is so awesome. :) Mittwoch was awesome. :)

I need to find a better way of doing this. This way needs a little extra change. :) On donnerstag, we had a semi-good day, set up for a wedding that a familie in the ward was having. Then in the night, we went to this young single adults Bible circle that a person invited us too, and it was sooo AWESOME! Ha everyone there is so open to the Gospel, and wants to come closer to Christ. It was amazing. We walked in there, with our shirts and ties and such, and got some weird looks. People thought we were Jehovah Witnesses. Then, everything changed when we were just chill. We got to know some awesome people. :) We want to keep going there, and just bring a whole box of Buch Mormons and set them on the table. We would be like, here, nimmt eins bitte (take one please). :) Then, as we proceeded walking home on clouds after this meeting, the weathers and tempests roared. The thunder smacked, and rain came pouring down (narrative talking mode). IT POURED. I took a couple videos to remind myself of it. :)

Had my last interview with President before he is released. :( What a man. He is one of the most charitable men I have ever met. He made sure to make me promise to come to Feucht after my mission. He just gave me all of his love. :) I am going to miss him. Ha. Then after, we got to go on a split!! I went to Graph with Elder Jackson. :) We had a great time. We visited a couple of members, and I met the in-laws of the drummer of Neon Trees??!?! WHAT??! Cool, right? There is a Mormon message of her, and its super cool. Ha. Being on the base in Villsek, in the area from Graph, was just like a little part of 'merica and it was great. :) Maybe a little trunky, and super weird to be just talking in English, but super fun. :)

I was still in Graph. We got to go play basketball on the base in Villsek. What a day. :) I met a couple of the families, and got to ball it up with some people that were in the army. It was super fun. :) We then split back, and we got to meet with our wonderful Asian, Zehn (Jen in English). She is awesome. She said the most heartfelt prayer I have ever heard on my mission. It was so amazing, and the spirit was so strong. You could tell that she knew someone was listening. WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE! I love teaching so much, and just testifying. If that's my job, to teach someone how to pray and now they know how, then so be it. But, wow! :)

I am going to say two things: 1- nothing feels better, than being a tool in the Lord´s hands, and seeing someone come to a truth; and, 2- I LOVE MY FAMILY. Family is the most important thing on this earth. Satan will do everything in his power to break it up. But, we need to know that it is for eternity. We need to do everything we can to keep it going. :) Love life. Love mission life. I love the Gospel. :) Ciao!!

Elder Mayne

 Who's the guy?

 Frankfurt, and my buddies from the MTC

 Nice bag - probably comfy.

 We got some American food!!!!

 I know how to make a bed, military style now. And, I am proud of it. :)

Where is that one at?

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