Monday, June 2, 2014

Letter #45 - Rainy days...

Well, here it goes. The new weekly letter system:

Random things that happened this week:
- Totally rained hardcore for 3 days straight.
- My shirt on Monday was a little too revealing. Luckily it was dark.
- I realized that when I get home, I am doing a bum trip. I'm renting a van/buying one, and getting the homies, and just going bum trippin'.
- Barbecues for Germans are like me calling my squirt gun an actual gun.
- I think that the view of missionaries here is those guys that run in white shirts and ties and always catch the bus right as it is about to leave. :)

This week was a solid week. Our investigators were super hard to meet with, so we just would bring over cookies instead. :) Hashtag missionaries don't give up. But on Tuesday, we had our Zone Training that was super fun. We left early to catch our appointment with the Cutlers. But apparently, they forgot about the appointment, so we ended up talking to him for about 2 hours. We talked about his life and he really appreciated it. Sure we were expecting to set a baptismal date with the family, but in the end, it still was a good time. :)

Mittwoch was just full of craziness. We were confused because we had so much to do. It then ended up being nothing, because Elder Cole's allergies were so bad. We had to figure out how to help him. But we ran to our train that night, to get to Nürnberg and go to institut. We had a good time, and got some good food. :) Ha. I think that the next day, I was sore because we were running so much.

On Thursday, it was rainy. When it is rainy, it puts me in a reflective kind of mood, and makes me think a lot. IDK why, but it makes me see the world in a different light. I know that sounds cheesy, and like a Disney pick up line. Oh well. :) We had a Barbecue with the Zinks. They invited Brüder Steinbrecher, and it was a great time. We got to talk to him, and we appreciated the support from the Zinks. Sure the food was.... good. :) Americans just know what it takes, you know?  Afterwards, since Lilia was sick, we went bei and dropped off some cookies, because that's just what we do. :) Love always is best shared with food.

Friday was just a blur, other than meeting with this sweet old lady named Schwester Berger, that reminds me of my Grandma Charlie. We had a great time meeting with her. :)

On Samstag, can you say TEMPLE!!!!!! What an amazing time. I love the temple, so so so much. I can try to compare it to anywhere I have been. But this place, can just take all your worries away and make you feel so close to your Heavenly Father. It is not like anything else, anywhere else. It is quite amazing. I love the bus ride there and back, because it is just a party bus of spirit. I totally brought my ukulele, and we were playing and singing. :) Ha. The temple. I will say this... I know without a doubt that every time that I am in there, there is something bigger than this life. That I know, death isn't the end.

What a great week it was. When I get a little sentimental, I think I start talking like Yoda. If you can imagine that I am a little green dude giving you advice, I think that the one thing that I would say is to deny yourself. Mosiah 3:19. We are here to learn how to become like God. We are learning how to cast out the natural man. Deny yourself, and find yourself, in the Lord. You all have a great week, and hey: #SUMMMMERTIME #HAGS #MISSIONSRULE

Elder Mayne

 Zone Training activity. I destroyed that pinata.

Shout out to Alyssa. :)

 Elder Cole and I did a photo shoot with lederhosen. :)

Maybe I eat alphabet soup, and have a spoon you get out of 
cereal box. :)

 Diet Coke and my new suit. Just for you mom. :)

 Sister Blackhurst and Sister Carlson!

My comp is crazy with guns. Ha.

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