Monday, September 22, 2014

Letter #61 - ITS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY!! :)

Well folks, the commencement of another week. This week was, spectacular. I loved it a lot. I'll just add it to the list of the other 60 and something weeks of the "favorite" list. :)

On Monday, we played floor hockey!! So sick and intense, and just the perfect sport for a church parking lot and 6 missionaries. :) Super duper fun, and then contacting after was even funner.

Yes I used the word funner. :)

Dienstag, we got to meet with Katherine! AH, what a great time it was. We planned on teaching the first lesson, but it ended up being all about the commandments and the Book of Mormon again. She accepted everything!! She was just like, ya that totally makes sense. She even said herself, "To follow the commandments, you have to do it with your whole heart, or else your just doing it out of duty." SUPER cool. I love this woman. I hope everything works out. Have a Termine (appointment) on Dienstag (Tuesday) again. :) #WELOVEPRAYERS

Mittwoch nothing too special other than I was cooking up a storm. I totally laughed at some people's reactions when I tried to contact them. Haha, and I was calling people outta the area book like a boss. It was fun. Then we got to English Class and it was a party as usual. I love my two old friends that always make it a good time. :)

Donnerstag was great. We have in our area, one of the cities called Crimmitschau. They have a hockey team that is actually really good. It has some NHL players on it, with both Americans and Canadians. So, we obviously went to go check it out. Sadly, no one was there really to talk to. But, we will go by there another time and check it out. Talked to this one old guy who made me really happy. I crashed on my bike (I tried to ride with no hands on the handlebars :)). Don't worry mom, it wasn't bad, I was still was on my feet. It was right in front of these people. They looked at me all funny, and I was just like "Alles ist in ordnung!" Everything is ok! Ha, and they laughed, I laughed, and then we went over and talked to them. Elder Shelley said we should start doing that for a contacting method. We could just crash in front of people. I told Him it was his turn. :)

Oh, and I almost got attacked by a swan too. Just random fact. Sorry mom if you're worrying. :)

Donnerstag was a challenge. We went to DDM which was great. But sadly after, we wanted to start my driver's license and what not, but Elder Shelley forgot his passport. I found out that I needed some paper that I've never needed before. I was So ANGRY. But then I was like, hey, how can I laugh about this? It took a little bit, but then I just laughed at my weaknesses, took a sip of this amazing mango drink, and let my worries go away. :) Then we had English, and they helped me correct my profile (almost done). Even though they corrected it a lot, they were impressed with how good my German was. :)

Freitag - Weekly planning. Yup. :)

Samstag was my favorite day this week. We planned on doing an hour and a half of doors, and I was legit PUMPED. When we got outside and were riding to the place we had prayed about and felt was good, I had a prompting. I was like, lets go ride into the Markt and see what's up. Well, there just happened to be this HUGE annual fair that happens in Werdau (life of a missionary, no updates). We automatically went in there, and saw the most people we have ever seen in Werdau at one time. :) BUT the coolest thing, we met these guys from Peru who were pretending to be Indians (Inka). It was super cool to talk to them, and we gave them a Book of Mormon. It was super cool to see how easy it was to talk to them. As we were walking around, getting some food, and talking, this girl comes up to us and asks us who we were. We told her, and then I had one of the most intense convos on my mission. She had question, about why God would let babies have cancer and die. It was personal for her. I told her I don't specifically know WHY that happened, but that she will see that baby again, that there is a plan, and that the Atonement makes that possible. Elder Shelley taught her that if she prays and gets an answer, she will know that this plan is true. It was crazy. I felt the Spirit so strongly, and I KNEW that we were there to help her. She took a Book of Mormon, and told us she wanted to meet next week. Really, really cool experience.

Sonntag was just great. I gave another talk. This time about opening the windows of Heaven, which was hard, especially in German. I used the talk by Elder Holland, "The First and Great Commandment." He talks about Peter and when Christ asks him, "Do you Love me?" It was fantastic. I am just so glad that I can speak German, with the Spirit. :) I just want to testify, that the Lord has commanded me to be out here. I am showing Him that I love Him everyday. I am not going to sugar coat it. The first two days of this week were HARD. I felt like the best I could do, was just get out of bed. But I said, "Lord, today is going to be a great day. I can't make it a great day without you." I relied on Him. I showed him, the circumstances that I was in. I MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. My attitude, is what changes everything. The way I hit the pavement, make a fool of myself, and still get up and smile at the people. THAT makes a difference, and makes people feel great. I know that Christ had a perfect attitude, of being positive. He still wept. He still asked, why is it so hard? But He didn't, give, up. And neither will I. I want to give a shout out to Elder Blackhurst. He has to go home because of ruptured disc in his back. I love this guy to death. Even through his problem, he has made it into a stepping stone. He knows the Lord's will, is the right will. It makes me think of this quote from Switchfoot, "Teach the monkeys on my back, to FIGHT." Think about it. Try this week, to smile when you shouldn't, compliment when it's inconvenient, and laugh when all you want to do is cry. Life is too short to dwell on what we CAN'T do. We need to see what we accomplish when we focus on what we CAN do. I love my family, friends, future wife, and this GOSPEL. This is the way. :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Elder Mayne

PS: I cook like a BOSS. Thanks mom for teaching me. :)

 I make bread like a boss. :)

 How I dress hipster. :)

My shoes.

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