Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter #62 - On the Pursuit of Happiness (Nephite style, not Will Smith)

I had the thought today to write my letter like I was on the battlefront in a war, and act all superficial and what not...

But instead of preparing it, I wrote raps about the Gospel instead.


This week was great. :) I was probably the entire week außer [except] two days not in Werdau. So, that brought a lot of surprises and what not. :)

I started my split in Gera with the wonderful Elder Taylor, a golden who is from Springville. Love this fella. He is a really smart guy, and he cracks me up like no one. :) We had a great time on our split, and well, we had a photo shoot after planning. The idea came from the new Mormon message (Super super good ps). So, that explains the pics. The day was so fun. I got some of the BEST rejections I have had on the mission, and I was just laughing after each one of them. I had no fear. From talking to some teenage girls, to a guy that looked like he had 3 baby heads for each shoulder, I just was feeling good. :) We had fun and made some sweet memories. Then after, we had the Ward Game Night. I love the members in Gera, especially Schwester Zorga. She is so competitive it's hillarious... when you beat her. ;)

Mittwoch was just awesome. We had Distrikt Meeting, and then we all went to another members house, Sch. Dörtliz (I've talked about her before). We had lunch, and since we were on a split, we got to give a spiritual thought. I had the idea to just sing hymns with everyone, because she loved hymns. It was like  WOW! Such an amazing experience. The spirit was just so strong. Everyone was so happy. We made the member cry. She said that she hadn't felt this good in a long time. *Thank you Spirit* It was so great. When we came out, I could literally see the change to how that room was with all of us in there, and then the difference to the outside world. We made a big change.

Freitag was a crazy day because our friend Rolf came back from America. He wanted to see us, and help his friend from New Jersey, that we love (Karen), get home safely. We were planning on meeting with him earlier in the day. We had some other things planned, and we were going to make a pie for a member's b-day. So, we had to fit everything in. But, as it always happens, he called RIGHT when we started baking the pie and had a termine [appointment] in about 45 min. So, we turned off the oven, and ran over there. He had food for us, which we scarfed that down. We shared something spiritual with his friend, ran back, cooked the pie, ran to the member's house to give him the pie for his birthday, and have a spiritual thought with him. By running, I mean biking. And by biking, I mean biking distance. We probs traveled 4 miles in less than 10 min. CRAZY. STRESS!!! But it all managed to work out. When we got to the members, our Branch President was there with his cute kid. We come in there panting and sweating, and he just laughs at us. :) It was great.

Samstag: Well, our ward had a party. There were 60 people, and 13 non-members, which was AWESOME! But, I wasn't there. I went on a split with my Cali friend Elder Wright. We, and the other Gera Elders, traveled to Erfurt to have our interviews with President. Love that Man. I am glad that I am under his direction. Had a great time with the Jena Zone Leaders too. We then caught a train all the way back to Gera (1 hour). My buddy Elder Checketts and I took the car drive home to Werdau. We were freestylin' rapping, and talking about life after the mish (because he just had his departure interview).

You all are probably wondering why I titled my weekly letter this way (yes, look at it again and remember). Well, it's after the people of Nephi. When they say "and we lived after the manner of happiness." They didn't say they were happy all the time, or that life was just a bowl of cherries. They lived after the "manner of happiness". That is living after the manner of Christ. Living after the manner of happiness is choosing to enjoy the moments when they come, the little small things. It's finding joy in those moments when it seems too hard. Life is great, and my dad hasn't made me a chocolate cake [Reference to Bill Cosby]. It's because I know my Savior lives, and He has given me the example.

LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLL!!!!! Watch General Conference, and I can promise that you'll feel like they are talking just to you. :)


P.S. We got 4 pounds of peanut butter from AMERICA! Karen brought some back.

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