Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter #63 - Change is always there for us

Well hey, friends and family. Wasn't this weekend great?? I absolutely love the Prophet, and I am proud to say that I know that there is a living Prophet on the Earth today.

This letter is going to be a little different. I just want to talk heart to heart, and feelings to feelings. This week, was incredibly hard for me. Despite all the work that I did, I felt that on the receiving end, it wasn't exactly being received.

On Monday, I started to get a very sore throat, and I could barely manage to swallow anything. With that, I also had a little friend called "cankersoreonthebackofmytongue." It came and I had probably the worst breath in all of East Germany. I gave in. Satan was trying so hard to tempt me to just to give up. He was trying to break me, and he did. My thoughts were so hard to overcome, and I felt like a black rainy cloud walking around. As this was happening, I woke up with severe back pain. I could barely sit or walk for 5 min without a sharp pain coming in. At first I started to ask "WHY?" I was being obedient. I was starting off the week good. We had a good week planned. Blah, blah, blah. Still following those thoughts of Satan. Then I mentally had enough, and just said "stop!" I didn't want to dwell in this chamber where I felt like I wasn't controlling anything, and I wanted to be released. I needed to be released. On the day I had my back pain, we had to cancel an appointment with a member. I had to stay home the entire day. As I stayed home, I could have been super depressed, quit, and whined my little eyes out. But I didn't. I remembered the example of Elder Ballard when he talked to us. When he thinks he can't go anymore, he has a picture of Christ in his wallet. He looks at Him and remembers what He has done. So I made one for myself, and I got things done, even though I could have rested some more and what not. Being in the apartment for that long makes the hairs on my back stand up, and I get sooo jittery. But, I did not shrink. Before General Conference, I got a Priesthood blessing. In it, I was told that this is just a time, a test, that will pass by soon. It was here to help me remember the Savior, and what He did for us. I know he suffered, so I could be saved. I know, that he has felt EXACTLY what I am feeling, and what I haven't felt yet, just so I don't have to walk this path alone.

General Conference was amazing. The biggest things that I got out of it were that we are accountable, for who WE are. We choose to follow the Savior. We choose which road we want to walk on. If we build our life on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will be the happiest we can ever be. We will not fail. We will always, always have hope. Decisions determine destiny. No matter where we are on the path of discipleship, or obedience, we are never alone. Let us forget ourselves, and serve others. Let us rejoice in the small things, and be an example to the believers. I know that this is the way for me, and I will testify that Jesus is the Christ 'til I rest in my grave. He lives and I am His servant.

LG [Life's Good],
Elder Mayne

 The Distrikt CD 3 ;)

 We made bunk beds.... really, really tall ones. :)

My boy Elder Boyd from Canada

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