Monday, October 20, 2014

Letter #65 - I GOT THE POWER

This week has been a great week. A great testing week. As I learned the news about my dad, it hit me hard at first. I was worried about him. Then, a second thought came into my mind. I needed to work a ton harder this week so he can receive the blessings. :) And well, it helped a lot. I felt a lot of prayers, and the power from them. I want to thank all of you that prayed for my family and me. :) And so, the week...

We had a jam session. I jammed out on my uke, and got to have some richtig [proper] mexican food at the older couple's apartment for dinner. :) It was great.

AWESOME day. I loved it so much, because we planned for 3 hours of contacting, door to door. But this time we switched it up. We got into some dienst [service] clothes and went around asking people if we could shovel their leaves and clean their gardens. Germans don't like having someone point out how dirty or bad they are, so we didn't have a lot of success. Until we came to this one house, and this 15 year old girl answers (we were on the street). I'll give you the context of what went down:

Girl: What do you want?
Me: Hi! We are wondering if we can rake your leaves?
*awkward pause*
Girl: Do you want anything?
Me: No! We just want to rake your leaves.
*flashes smile*
Girl: Ok then, go ahead.
*awkward pause*
Girl: I said go ahead!
*shuts door*

Ha. It was so awkward. But, we got to rake, do service, talk to the girl a little bit more, tell her who we were, give her a card, ask her to tell her parents about us and that we can come rake some more leaves another time. :) Ha. I LOVE service.

Had our Distrikt Meeting. Then, we met with Sch. Dörtliz again for lunch (love her). But, we TOTALLY forgot that today there was a strike going on with the trains, and that they wouldn't be running until 4 am the next morning... #momentofpanic. We had our ward BOWLING Night later, so obviously we couldn't miss it. So in this scenario, you obviously turn to your trusty English class that loves you, and will do anything for you. So, we called our friend Marcus, and he picked us up from Gera. We arrived at the Bowling Night right on time. I now realize that the Lord likes to humble us by showing us our weaknesses. And, I realized why I've never been on a bowling date. I stink. Ha. But it was super fun. None of the people we invited, other than Marcus, showed up. But we still had a good time with the ward, and I liked smack talking to our Branch President (who got a 220). Great day.

English GaloRe (did that 'R' purposefully). We taught English for 4 hours straight, with only a 30 min break in between. Sadly, no one came to the last one, other than Marcus (it's unusual for everyone to be too busy). We had a talk with Marcus about what's going on in the world and how crazy it seems. I had prayed that morning, that we would have an opportunity to bear our testimonies. When he talked about all that was going on, it sounded so sad, dismal, and caotic. I just said to him, that I am so grateful, that this church has given us knowledge, that we are something, and that we don't have to look to the world, who is killing itself, to give us knowledge of our self-worth. We are worth something. It's right here, in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This day was great. We had a fest in Werdau, a pumpkin fest. Gottfried, from our English course, had a pumpkin that won, and was the star of the fest. It was awesome. We also met Georg and his family. Marcus was there, and we had an AWESOME time talking, chatting, and getting closer to them. It was a great time. I got to try a lot of different German food. I love Georg's wife, because she reminds me a lot of my mom. :) After this, I developed even more of a desire to see these people accept the gospel. I think that as I keep going, loving people, and having empathy for them, that I really just want to guide them to the path that will give them ultimate happiness, and eternal life. :)

Real good day. Nothin' too special other than cleaning out a ton of rabbit poop at a members house. I knew God blessed me with a stuffy nose that day. :) But, I loved it the entire time. The member fell on his bike and hurt his shoulder, and so it was a blessing that we could help him some more. :)

Something special that happened, Elder (former) Lietsalmi came with his Family! Not gonna lie, it was suuuuper weird to see that, but, it was great to see an old comp. The ward members loved it, and I am glad the Finlander is still doing good.

My testimony is strong and firm in the power of prayer. I'm learning to not always ask for blessings, but rather, to except God's eternal will for me, and have strength to endure. I know that when we try our hardest to recognize the blessings of our prayers, we will notice that our prayers never go unanswered. Our loving Heavenly Father, is always aware of our needs. Keep praying people. Keep doing it personally and as a family. Don't rationalize by saying you don't have time. When we take time out of our lives, to give it to the Lord, we will see the time He spends everyday, taking care of us.

Elder Mayne

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