Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter #66 - BYE BYE

That was the common saying in my ward this week, because: 1- I am being transferred, and 2- No idea why they were saying it in English. But, I really liked a bunch of 70yr old men with a German accent saying "bye bye."

Sadly, I am being transferred and have to leave Werdau. I am being transferred to Heidelberg, one of the prettiest cities in Germany, and I got called to be a Zone Leader! It is a total change, but my favorite motto keeps poppin' into my head: "Adventure is OUT THERE!!" I really am so excited. Elder Brown from my MTC group is my new comp, and it'll be really great to work with him.

As for this week, I just want to say, it was a special week. :) I'll give an account of the experience that made the entire week... We had an appointment with Katrine on Donnerstag and we wanted to meet at the church so that we could have a spiritual atmosphere and show her the church. We just figured that everything would be better. :) So, she shows up with her grandson Paul. We start giving the tour, but Paul is getting a little anxious and wants some attention. So, I left Katrine with Elder Shelley and our member, and gave Paul his own personal tour of the baptismal font, the chapel, the primary rooms, pictures of Jesus and explaining who he is and why He is important, and then ended with a nice Pictionary game on the blackboard (sounds like a long time, but it was only 10 min). Then after Katrine finished her tour too, we had planned to watch the Joseph movie, the 20 min version and have a lesson. So, we went and watched the movie and the spirit, was kinda just like filling up a pool. As the movie went on, the spirit just kept filling up and up. After the movie ended, we just sat for a moment and she was just staring at the TV. I asked her what she felt after watching the movie.  She tried to talk, and then just burst into tears. Uncontrollable, and just sobbing. We sat there, wondering what we should do, and I was trying to make eye contact with Elder Shelley to make him rub her shoulder, or something. But after she finally got back, she just sat there in silence as little tears kept coming. The spirit was absolutely in the deep end. It was flooding out the doors, and it was sometimes hard not to cry yourself. We sat there for a moment, and then I testified that this is the Holy Ghost speaking to her, and He testifies of truth. She then said that she has never felt this way before, and that man goes through life, living so much, and questioning so much. Then she started to cry again. I asked her if she believes that she has found the way. She said yes. Then we asked her to be baptized, and again she said yes, but that she needs some time. We reassured her that this is the way, and that we'll be guides along this path that she has found, and that it will bring her ultimate happiness. I was one of the most rewarding, cleansing, beautiful experiences of my life.

On Sunday, well, it was super hard to say goodbye to the family that I now have in Werdau. I really love all these people, and they mean the world to me. I have never gotten so many hugs, and I never really have been thanked so much. I really, didn't know how much of an impact I made, until this day. I really just wanted to make sure these people knew that, in this labor of love, I am serving them with all my heart, and wish them all the best. Werdau will be a very special place for me. I have never gone through harder times in my life. But it's because of the constant, outward reaching towards the Savior and His Atonement, that I did not shrink. That instead of turning inward, I asked the simple question: "Who can I touch because of what I am going through?" We are never left alone, and that path we are on, was walked on before by the Savior of the World. I know He lives. I know that He has made me into someone I could never have dreamed of, and I thank Him forever.

Have a great week ya'll. Love you in bunches. ;)

Elder Mayne

The best family ever: Bauerfiends. 
Told me to come back and hang with them so we can do stuff I can't do now on a mission. :)

I totally don't know about the other pics #badmemory. :)

[I guess somethings haven't changed. :-)]

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