Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter #67 - Heidelberg is the AWESOME. Done.

HELLOOOO from Heidelberg. This week was absolutely INSANE. SOOOO many changes, moves, luggage, trains, and OH MY GOODNESS. Heidelberg is amazingly gorgeous, especially coming from Werdau. ;) This letter will sadly be a shorty, as that I have only a little time to email because things have been so nuts this week. #ZoneLeaderProbs (I can use that now)

Had a "Dead Man's P-day" for all the elders and one sister that were finishing their missions. We celebrated by having Mexican food, and auctioning off all their things. We then finished off the day by having dinner with the wonderful mission couple, the Seelos.

Member Lessons off the charts. We met with 6 members in one day. It was sooo crazy (good thing I finished packing early). It was so hard to leave the family that I now have here in Werdau. But, it was good to say goodbye, and to be able to spend some time with them.

A couple more last goodbyes, and then we slept over at the Elder's apartment in Gera so we could catch a train early in the morning. Elder Checketts, Elder Wright, and I stayed up a little late and just chatted. Sadly they are done with their missions. But, I have come to love these homies. I am glad that I was able to meet them.

TRANSFERS!! Great to see everyone, and to see Elder Brown, and Elder Aubrey!!!! THE HOMIE FROM AF HAS ARRIVED! We talked for like 40 minutes at Bahnhof. It was so great to see him. Elder Brown and I then headed back to Heidelberg late, and gosh, it is absolutely GORGEOUS. My camera honestly can't do it justice. Wow... sooo beautiful.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! We had MLC (Missionary Leadership Counsel), and that was super fun. I got to see all my friends, play some ball with Elder Emery, and then... We met with our investigator Silvi, and set a baptismal date for the 16th of November!!!! She is so prepared, and has been coming to church for a little while.  She met us 3 months ago. You could just see in her eyes how much she wants this. Elder Brown and I were on top of the world.

Awesome day, running around so much and talking to people. We had a street display, and that was great. PS: Sister Lyons and Sister Godwin are the sisters also serving here in Heidelberg. They are really great. We then went and contacted some referrals, found an awesome castle, took some AWESOME pictures, and then talked to a guy at a gas station that ended up calling us at 2 in the morning, drunk, saying he wants Jesus. Cool eh?

I LOVE THIS WARD!! These members are awesome. We have some Americans in the ward, and they are really amazing. I love them a lot. The ward is really like a ward in the U.S., only German style. Make sense? Anyway, I bore my testimony, met some of the great people in this ward, and gave a blessing to an investigator being taught by the sisters that is so AWESOME. She bore her testimony in church, and is just a homie. Her name is Faye. She has the biggest love for the gospel. Then we met our Ward Mission Leader and his wife. They are probably the most favorite people I have met (bad English). We just talked the entire time, and laughed. We showed up in our Lederhosen because it was a Halloween Party. :) Gosh, they are so cool. We then hustled to the Church, did numbers, and then had a conference call with the Distrikt Leaders in our distrikt.

TIMES ARE CRAZY right now and I may be stressed a little. But, if you aren't stressed you aren't growing. :) I love my mission. I look forward to this awesome adventure that will happen here in Heidelberg. I want to promise to you all, that the little things count. When we do the little things, like praying, reading daily, and turning our thoughts toward Christ, we will be the happiest. Have a great week ya'll. :)

Elder Mayne :)

And to whom it may concern, my new address is:

Curie Strasse 6
69126 Heidelberg, BW

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