Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter #74 - This year, I gave you my heart, and you took it and grew it into the biggest thing EVER

Me being witty sometimes makes only myself laugh. But hey, I make myself laugh so that's what matters. :) This week is going to be GREAT: seeing the Fam Bam, 3 days of Christmas being celebrated in Germany, living up the Christmas markets to the fullest, and just spreading Christmas cheer. LOVE IT. Happiest time of year for sure. I want to tell you about one of the experiences that made my Christmas, and then also talk about all the other crazy things that happened during the week. :)

SO, this week we were just getting back from splitting in Mannheim, and we get this call from Jacob (our investigator). Hee sounds all worried, hard to understand, and just wants us to come over. So we go over. He tells us about his Mom. His Mom in Gambia is in the hospital, and she can't take care of the kids (because she is in the hospital). So he wanted to send money to her. He was going to give her 100 euro, which was the rest of the money he had for the month to eat and to do anything. But, he knew everything would work out. We were stunned. We were sitting across from this 21 year old that was willing to give up pretty much everything he had, so his mom could get some help. We then had a lesson about the plan of Salvation. BUT wait, Jacob called his friends, Calistis and Tony, and they came to the lesson and LOVED it. We set baptismal dates with them, and had a great, great lesson. After the lesson, I thought about myself and asked, Would I do the same thing for my mom? Do I love my family that much? It just touched my heart so much. It made me really think about my focus, what was most important, and how I can best show my love to my family.

Nothing can fully explain the lessons that I learn here out in the mission field.

The rest of the week... we were in Frankfurt for 2 days having Zone Conference and Mission Leadership Council. Then, we went to Düsseldorf to drive some Elders home because they missed their bus.

Something that I learned from these meetings, other than ALL the things that I have to improve on (I have a lot to change), was just how important it is to do the little things. Sticking to the little things, no matter what, will ALWAYS help you stay on the path of righteousness and help you become the Lords handiworker.

I have learned a lot about being the Lord's disciple. I am going to be real. It's been hard, being out here, and trying my hardest. On a mission, you are constantly in the line of fire of real life. Your weaknesses are pointed out to you, and you really see what you need to work on. But then, you also see what your desires are, what you love, and what you really want to do with your life. As I get this wonderful opportunity to be in a constant review of myself, I think of the Lord. I think of how He was born in the most humble circumstances, loved every person He came into contact with, and layed down His life for all, so that they can live with Him. I love the Lord with all my heart. I know I have felt His power, His divine help, come true in my life. He is the reason, I have chance to change, to start over. He is the reason I wake up at 6:30am everyday and try my best to live like He does and tell others about my Savior. He is my Savior, He is Christmas. I know I am never alone. I am going to work till my ears ring and I am worthy to bow down at His feet and say thank you for the opportunity to become like Him. I know my Savior lives and I testify that I am on the race of my life, to become like Him. I wish this for all that I love, and for all those I come in contact with. I say this humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Merry Christmas to my wonderful friends and family. I give my heart to you. :)

Love with a heart that has grown 3 times as big. :) Maybe even more.

Elder Mayne

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