Thursday, January 8, 2015


What a wonderful two weeks. I am going to have to sum up about all that happened into about, well a sentence. And it is: I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. I KNOW this. And my heart sings because of it.

Lemme update you on what has happened in these last two weeks. Today was amazing. Went to the temple with the Heidelberg Fam and it was just a wonderful spiritual upliftment. :)

TONY GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was so amazing! This last week, we met with him almost every day. He passed his interview on Wednesday, and got getauft [baptized] on Saturday. What a crazy week, lemme tell ya. He was so happy. This feeling of seeing someone that you have come to love, make a change after learning about the gospel, and then see him follow in the footsteps of Christ, changes something inside of you.

A lot of crazy stuff happened the night before his baptism, as Satan always tries to do before spiritual experiences (and after). BUT as we got out of the water and were changing, I just asked him, "Do you feel like you made the right decision?" I could just see this look in his eye as he turned to me and said, "Totally, man". It was great. Wonderful, wonderful experience.

New years eve (seems like an eternity ago) - AWESOME. I am pretty sure Americans don't know how New Year's Eve and fireworks coincide until they come to Europe/Germany. HOLY COW. Like my brotha' Tay said about Norway - literally looks like, sounds like, and smells like someone is bombing the city. Sadly, we had to be inside by 6pm. So, we were chilling outside of our window. We found that even in the little town we lived in, our neighbors went cray. :) We on the other hand, did some insanity... we built a closet from Ikea, and made some great New Year's resolutions.

Next day, we had Zone training. So tired. The sickness was getting to me. Throat totally killing, had a fever, and everything. Wore some nice plastic gloves for a little bit of the time because I didn't want to get our Zone krank. Luckily, we have a mission nurse that is really my grandma, and we are good buds. So, she took care of me good. We went on a split the next day, with Elder Rodgers in Karlsruhe. The mission nurse, told me to stay in the apartment. Ha. We stayed home for a little, and I cleaned their apartment... The nurse didn't say WHAT I had to do... It was a good time. :)

Ah, MIRACLE story. They seem to pop up all the time. I always wonder why I am able to be here, at this time in my life, to experience the Lord hastening of His work. We get this call, and an investigator from Darmstadt, Prakash is his name (Indian dude :)), has moved to Heidelberg and the Darmstadt Elders were handing him off to us. He is a rock star! We have met with him everyday, loves computers, and LOVES the gospel. He loves prayer. Had a wonderful, wonderful meeting with him and he said he knows he needs and should be baptized. He just wants to take some time to settle in, and get used to Heidelberg. This man has been sleeping with his coat and hasn't had a blanket since he has been here... So, we totally understood that. :) But wow... I really love MIRACLES.

Another side note, the american family the TAYLORS - best family ever. Love their little kid named Bear (pictures coming). We hung out with them on New Years eve, had a buffet of Chinese food, and opened our fortune cookies with one hand (Taylor family tradition). My fortune said something great will happen to me in 5 days (so last Monday). Elder Brown's said he has a voice of an angel. I got sick on Monday, and well... Elder Brown's fortune is going to come true someday. ;)

One of my goals this year, is to testify everyday. I can see the wonderful fruits that come from it. I see the effect on others and on myself.  I have made a really extensive plan of who I am going to become, what the Lord wants me to achieve, and what I want to accomplish.

The biggest thought on my mind at the moment, after just coming from the temple, is about the relationship between Christ and Heavenly Father. I thought about some of the great families in the ward. There are great examples of fatherhood. I thought about the feeling of seeing your child succeed, seeing him do what you tell him to do, and watching him grow. The love of a father, a mother, a parent, to a child, is something divine. I know that when we do what our Heavenly Father beckons us to do, we will be the happiest we could ever be. I offer these personal questions: "Are you doing what your Father would have you do?" "What blessings have you seen in your life?" I love my family. I love this gospel, and I love doing the Lord's work. :) Have a great week ya'll!!


P.S... I'm gonna answer back a bunch of emails when I have more time on Monday. :) Still givin' the love. I'll send pics of the baptism on Monday. :)

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