Monday, January 12, 2015

Letter #77 - The quarze Bericht [The quartz crystals report?]

So, considering that I just updated you on about a week and a half last time, and now it's been only about 4 days since that happened... Haha. I'll update you on the little things that happened, and just how GREAT errday really is. It is always jammed packed with miracles and awesome times.

IDK if that made sense. I'm super tired right now, and it's dark and dreary outside. So... bear with me peeps. :)

Friday was great. Got to go on a split with one of my best buds on the mission - Elder von Wallwitz. That Brazilian guy is awesome. Ha. We got a lot done and had fun. He was super excited because they were having a baptism the next day, and it's the first one the ward has had in about 1 and a half years. So, it's great to see him so giddy and happy. :)

Saturday was really, one of my happiest days on the mission. I LOVE being a Zone Leader. When you see the Zone members happy and having success, there really isn't a better feeling. There was another baptism in the morning for the Mannheim Sisters in the Mannheim ward, which was really great. Then, the baptism with Elder von Wallwitz and Elder King in the Speyer ward. It was just great to: 1- See the fruits of the hard work of the elders and sisters, and 2- See the faces of those being baptized as they came out of the water, and felt clean again. I'm telling ya, missions are just chalked FULL of experiences that make a change inside of you.

Really cool experience at the 2nd baptism. They asked one of their investigators who only speaks Romanian give the closing prayer. This guy is amazing. He has been in some really hostile environments, and really is homeless. As he got up there and prayed, I couldn't understand a word he was sayin. But I could tell, he was talking to God. He prayed with his whole heart, and I could tell that that this guy gave his heart to the Lord. The Lord has made him humble and through that, has brought him to His church. He'll be baptized on the 24 of January. So, I'll keep ya'll updated. :)

Life. Ah, it's terrible to see people you care about, and grow so close to, leave and go away. ;( This Sunday was Sister Lyons last Sunday, and sadly, she will be going back to Colorado because she is done with her mission! It's crazy to think that Elder Brown, Sister Lyons, and I were all in the same MTC group. Now our sisters are going home, and we only have this short time left. Sister Lyons has really been there for me, thick and thin. We served in the same area for 5 transfers in our mission (Feucht and Heidelberg), and she is one of my best buds. So shout out to her. :)

BUT on another note, our Ward Mission Leader and his wife, Brian and Jessie, are back from the states. We had an AWESOME time with them yesterday, and I just love them so much. I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE! When I meet someone and care about them, I can't and won't forget about them. You take a chunk outta my heart. It's like a horcrux. ;) You're something special.

So really, this letter is kinda just me rambling on how blessed I am to be where I am, to have such great friends here on the mission and at home and other places in the world, and how every single one has had a specific impact on me. I love my mission with all my heart. These last 6 [7?] months, I'm gonna be kickin' it, and be dead by the time my time rolls around. :) I love the change and opportunity the Atonement gives us, to be able to change and repent daily. :) This is His work, and I am His servant. :)

Love you all. :) And Happy Hanukkah. ;)

Elder Mayne

 Tony's Baptism!!!

 Me, Tony, and Elder Brown.

 Me at the temple, with the classic pic. :)

We (I) locked our keys in the church, 
and one of the windows was tipped open, 
so we opened it with vines from the wall right next to it. :)

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