Monday, January 19, 2015

Letter #78 - The best things are the the gifts from God

My family and friends, 

Lemme just say, MIRACLES happen because of FAITH.  And good things, GREAT things, never end. Especially when all the sisters go home in your group, and you're just wandering around wondering what you are doing.  Then, an email pops up and you're like "oh ya, 21st century." :) This week was terribly sad saying goodbye to all the sisters that came out in my MTC group.  Elder Brown and I were lamenting on how its just so weird. So to counter act this feeling, we set some great and fantastic goals for the up coming transfer:

- We want 100 lessons
- We are waking up at 5:45 every morning and going to the church gym and either doing 
insanity or basketball/wrestling
- We are speaking German all the time because, well, we are in Germany :)

I know that the Lord saw my efforts of wanting to become something. This Sunday, was a MIRACLE Sunday. It literally was insane. I don't think I sat down for more than 10 min the entire meeting. We had a total of 7 investigators at church, and other members brought friends as well!  It just felt like everyone wanted to talk to us and introduce us to the friend they brought.  My face was literally beaming because it was so AMAZING. 

We also met with Prakash this week and had a great talk. We have taught him all the lessons. He is following all commitments, and we honestly felt like we were running out of things to teach him. We listened to the talk by Elder Holland, "Remember Lot's Wife," and it struck him hard. We talked about baptism. The spirit was so strong, and you could feel it.  But he fought with it, and just said "I need more time. Just give me time."  I think that's the hardest thing to see, and feel in my heart, when someone I honestly care about rejects what the spirit says to him.  You feel that rejection a little deep.  We know that by the end of this transfer, he will be baptized and it's just a matter of waiting. :) 

As for other news, we cleaned up our apartment and made it look amazing. I am on the rebound of the sickness, but got everyone else in the zone sick... so oops. :) But really, life is great. We were doing numbers yesterday evening (Zone Leaders collect the weekly numbers from everyone in the Zone and then send it to the APs), and we had on in the background the new CES devotional from Randall L. Ridd. I was only half listening kinda, and then something stuck out to me. He talked about how we see people who accomplish great things, for example olympic athletes.  They win a medal and we see them and say, "Hey! I want to do the same."  And then we go about thinking that tomorrow, without changing anything in our schedule, we are going to produce some results. But that's not the case. When we want to achieve results that we never have before, we are going to have to do something we have never done. And its done by the simple things. We don't see the day to day things that the olympian had to do in order to achieve that marvelous goal. I think that's why Satan tries so HARD to just get us to stop doing the very small things, because we don't see the impact until later, when its harder to get back to start one.  So, I have committed myself, to do the small things. To call upon the Lord daily for help, and to tell him that I need His help everyday in order to do so. 

And that's my big thought for today. :) I love you all and I hope, you feel my love for ya'll because I must say, that the people that are most important in life, YOU, I keep close to my heart.  I hope ya'll know that. :) There's my caring moment for the week too. ICH LIEBE EUCH [I LOVE YOU]!!!

LG, Elder Mayne


 The sisters in our Zone that left :)

Beautiful Germany

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