Monday, March 30, 2015

Letter #88 - Anticipation Awaits: The Easter Bunny, Baptisms, Christ

You want to know something? Goals are fantastic. They are the only way we grow. We show the Lord where we want to go, and with His help, what we can really achieve. But that's why we have to set them with His Spirit, His purposes, and His instruction, because otherwise we wont be able to become what He wants us to become. Our goal for this transfer, by April 11, is and was to have 10 baptisms. We felt the Spirit as we set the Goal. We have worked our little panties off for it, and still keep doing it, and yet, we still have no baptismal dates. But a miracle did happen this week that still puts a smile to my face when I think of it.

We had a chance to meet with the Reinhards, a wonderful couple. The husband has been investigating the church for quite sometime now, and they are just wonderful. They love each other so much and are so intertwined with the gospel, you can just see the love that they have for each other is based so much on their belief and faith. Well, this time I have been in Heidelberg, Bruder Reinhard has been progressing a lot, but still felt like he needed to learn more and more and the desire to be baptized wasn't really existant. But at this appointment, the Spirit was AMAZING. We just came back from splitting back with Karlsruhe and had comp study in the car to prepare for the lesson. They wanted us to talk about blessings and what a blessing is in general. We had the thought to ask them to write down all the blessings they could think of and share it together. Just that spirit of thankfulness brought a wonderful, sweet feeling in the room. And then we shared some scriptures that showed us that our Father in Heaven gives us so much, all out of his love. Then Elder von Wallwitz pulled out the wonderful baptismal scripture, D&C 39:10. As we read that, Schwester Rheinhard started crying and we took a pause. I testified that one of the biggest blessings we have is the covenants we make with our Father in Heaven. I can not even begin to explain the Spirit in that room. We asked him to be baptized on April 11th, and he said "I can't be baptized then, because I want to be baptized by someone that I have been wanting to baptize me for a long time." He explained he wants to be baptized by his grandson who is coming home from his mission in August. And I was just almost to tears, because I have loved this couple ever since I first met them and have prayed so hard for him to have the faith to make this decision, and then this happened, it was an absolute miracle. Glorious I tell you :)

Another good time this week was this Saturday. We had a concert at our church, where a lot of the members and kids preformed and shared their talents. Totally a typcial Mormon party :) The best part though was that we invited so many people, and they showed up! The stake president wanted to have class right before and teach whoever would come and it was fantastic. Our stake president, President Henkel, is an inspired man. I love this man so much and look up to him. We had ward conference, and it was all about the verse Moroni 10:32:

32 Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God.

I love this verse so much. It became so evident this week that I really need to be perfected in Christ. I am changing so much here, and I feel like sometimes for the good, sometimes for the better. But I am growing. I want my love in God to be strengthened. I want my Heavenly Father to know that I love Him by my service. And I know one of the best ways is to work hard and smart. I'm constantly reavaluting myself and wanting to know what more can I do, what more does He await of me and sometimes I overwhelm myself. But I know through His grace, I can be made strong. He is there, always. I just need to find Him.


Have a wonderful Easter weekend all my "Peeps".... ha ha bad joke :) But have a great time with General Conference, remember preperation is everything, and I love you all so much. Jesus ist Auferstanden. :)


Elder Mayne

Pics: All I know is theres a couple of selfies... haha i took random pictures this week.

Anyone have suggestions on what I should register for at SVU? I have no idea what to study. Haha so insights, opinions, revelations and dreams would be sweet to hear :)

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