Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter #86 - The Golden Spanish

Attitude. Attitude. Attitude.

It all starts with you.

That was the theme this entire week, and for our transfer so far together. We recently have been reading a talk by Elder Ballard titled "Creating Success," and it specifically talks about the difference between missionaries that baptize regularly and those that dont. It all just starts with what's going on upstairs, in the mind. What you set your mind to, you can achieve. It seemed like every single day, that talk came up with someone and boy, it has lead us to how we do our work everyday. And to be honest, it's not always the easiest. But we know it is truth. And I know that is what the Lord wants me to learn at this moment.

So this week we met with the sisters and the missionary couple in the ward (Gublers from Vegas). We prayed and pondered and felt that the 13 baptisms that we want to have this transfer, are going to come on a specific date. We decided that on April 11, there will be a huge baptismal service. That is the week after the transfer (because the last week is General Conference) and we have a strong feeling it's going to happen. We fasted on Saturday about it, and it just feels right. And this week showed just how much faith we have, and how the Lord bleeeeesed us (nacho libre voice).

This week we literally got 7 referrals... unheard of. And we still have 2 more to contact, so technically 9. And well, we met with 14 members this week. When I saw that I was like woah.. I didn't even notice! It's like, Elder von Wallwitz and I just make calls, we go there, we teach, we pray, and we leave. We have been so busy, and it's so nice. One of the highlights though this week was some of the lessons we had: We got a refferal from the Kaiserslautern sisters of someone they met on the Train-American, named Johnny. We met with him at the church on Thursday. He is this older man, and we just start talking about life, how he has been in the army since he was 17, all the amazing war stories he has and all the times he has been shot at. And we were just stunned. This man has lived through so much and I'm just like... I graduated high school :) But then he talked about his son and how he tragically took his life. In that moment the Spirit just came over me so strongly. I felt so strongly that this man, who has been literally through the thick and thin of everything, has been kept alive for many reasons, but one specifically, and it's the gospel.

So right after he told us this, he shook our hands and said goodbye. We were like woah wait, can we show you around the church building? And we did, and as time went by, I was feeling the Spirit as we were talking, but I felt like I missed that opportunity of really testifying. We got to the chapel and taught him about the restoration and testified that God has kept him alive for this and that He has a plan for him. You could feel that wonderful Spirit, but you could tell it wasn't the right moment. He said thanks for our time and said goodbye, and we sat in the chapel thinking. We knew we did what we could, but we knew that what he needed was to hear that families are forever. We may never experience what he went throuh, but we know that this knowledge is most precious above all, and I keep it so close and dear to my heart :)

As for the other side of the work (the other "sides" meinte ich because honestly, it's so crazy over here :))... On Saturday, we taught a language class at 9 in the morning, had district leader council at 10, a street display at 1, an appointment at 3, an appointment at 4, another 6, and then one at 8. Luckily we were fasting that day :) Ha but let me just tell ya, the Lord blesses those that serve Him.

To end, I just want to say, the Lord can change any heart, any mind, any desire, if we choose and allow Him to. On one of the days (I can't even remember which day) it was rough towards the end. We had just met with a Spanish-speaking member, and I was on Spanish overload so I was just nodding and pretending to understand everything, and it was just getting to me. And then we had an appointment fall out, I got "blitzed" while driving (over the speed limit. Literally going 1 km above) and my German just failed me. And so, I had a poopy attitude. A couple more things happened and I was just done. Hit bottom again. And at that night, I was gonna give the closing prayer... and it was so hard to even speak. I just felt so unworthy. I just was frusterated, so tired, and was just like, "Why?" But as I prayed.. I just felt the comfort of my Father in Heaven. I picked up my feet, and went full speed ahead the next day. It's not easy. But it's worth it. Because I'm serving my brothers and sisters here. And I love them so much.

Have a great week ya'll. And MY INVITATION FOR ALL IS: just share some love to someone this week. Literally though, if you have a thought to compliment someone or to send a little love note or bake a cake, just go for it. Life is better with love :)

Elder Mayne

this is spanish food, basketball shots, and a funny class at a members house :)

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